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Welcome to Finnish Lapland, to Jari and his Siberian Huskies

Lapland is Finland's northernmost region, bordering Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic Sea. The country is sparsely populated and known for its subarctic wilderness and natural phenomena such as the midnight sun and northern lights. The small town of Ivalo lies far above the Arctic Circle and has the northernmost airport in Finland. Ivalo is the home of Jari Leppänen and his currently 28 dogs. He is a trained wilderness guide, an experienced coach, husky and Lapland expert. Ivalo is the starting point for his big and small dog sled tours into the fascinating landscape.


Siberian Huskies: «If you look into their eyes, you see the soul of Lapland»

His ancestors come from northern Siberia. For centuries, the husky was an indispensable companion of the nomadic population living there. The Siberian Husky has adapted itself optimally to the polar regions. Its fur consists of two layers: the water-repellent, robust top coat and the undercoat of fine hair. Together they form an optimal heat insulation. Their main characteristic is their suitability for pulling work. Most impressive are the blue, often differently colored eyes. Huskies have an excellent sense of orientation, their nature is friendly and gentle, always attentive and sociable. The Husky is not a guardian, he is said to be intelligent and easy to direct, which makes him an ideal companion and working dog.

Jari's dogs, 4 of which were born in the summer of 2020, live in huts or smaller groups in cages and are given free run every day. Senior dogs may enjoy their well-deserved retirement when their time as a train or lead dog ends after about 12 years. All animals are looked after by Jari, which is important for the close relationship between humans and animals. After the first snowfall in November the training starts. The frozen lakes are passable in spring until about April.


Sponsorships: There is nothing good unless you do it! Become a godmother/godfather of a Husky.

You love the north, the Finnish vastness, nature, the northern lights, wooden cabins, sauna, endless snow slopes, silence, adventure and of course dogs? You could imagine to be part of a small community of friends of the Huskies?

Life in the far north is no walk in the park, often hard and full of privation. The dogs need food, attention, care and medical attention, even if there is no snow and they cannot pull sleds. Huskies need and deserve our support.

With a sponsorship you contribute to the continuation of this ancient tradition and you benefit from the many advantages that a godmother or godfather has. With a sponsorship, in your name or that of a person receiving a gift, you support Jari and his dogs. A certificate attests the sponsorship of a dog or puppy of your choice. The sponsorship is awarded for one year. Before this period expires, you will be asked if you wish to extend it.

In addition to a certificate with a photo of «your» dog, we will send you a welcome gift, «hand-crafted from Finnish Lapland». Videos, pictures and news of Jari and his faithful four-legged friends can be seen on the website. We will inform you via newsletter how people and animals are doing in Lapland. We let you participate in the everyday life of the Husky family, all year round.


A Husky sponsorship: The extraordinary gift.

Dog sponsorships can be a great gift. Make the heart of a child and Husky-fan happy or become a sponsor/patron of one of the 28 Huskies from Jari. Have a look (PDF) which dogs are waiting for you.

Husky sponsorships for one year for one dog: CHF 200.–

Also, donations of any amount are warmly appreciated.


Visits: A visit to the far north becomes an unforgettable experience

Visit Jari and «your» dog, combined with a dog sled tour and overnight stays in the wilderness of Lapland. Experience up close one of the last untouched natural paradises of Europe. On the sled ride over the endless lake landscapes you can hear what? Nothing. Only silence. You enjoy camaraderie around the campfire and the intense closeness to the friendly huskies, who love nothing more than to prove their strength in a team.

Have we made you curious? Lisbeth Meyer, who has been travelling regularly to Ivalo for over 25 years, is an expert in huskies, dog sledding, scooter tours and individual vacations in Finnish Lapland. She is your contact and coordination point for information and bookings for day trips, tours lasting several days and visiting Jari and his dogs.

When you visit Jari and «your» dog, we invite you and your companion to a dinner in a «Tippi», with traditional Lapland cuisine from an open fire.

Info about vacations in Lapland and visits to the Huskies: see »contact».


Experience report: From deepest conviction warmly recommended

«For me the dog sled vacations are the best vacations of the whole year. I can hardly wait for the day of departure. The journey via Helisinki takes six hours. After a first overnight stay in Ivalo, we're off: Five days on the road in the wilderness, there are no people to see except the team members. The nights are spent in cozy little huts without electricity or running water, but with a wood sauna and a warming stove. Many people ask me if you are sportive and how fit you have to be for this adventure. My advice is that you should have a sporty attitude, enjoy snow and ice and of course dogs. Water is pumped up from the frozen lake, wood has to be carried from the shack into the house first. The cooking is done by Jari, the food is very good. Menus include fish, reindeer and other meat and, if desired, vegetarian food. Every day you will travel between 20 and 30 kilometers by dog sled. For lunch at the campfire there is a strengthening soup. Also the dogs need a break. Everyone pilots his sled with four to five dogs in the team and is responsible for his team. This also includes feeding, harnessing and preparation for the night camp. I love these friendly animals. The recreational effect of a week is enormous; the silence, the snow and the remote huts do me extremely well. After the Lapland vacations with Jari and his huskies I return home rested and very happy. I can warmly recommend a stay in Finnish Lapland to everyone, based on many years of experience and deep conviction».

Lisbeth Meyer



Do you have questions about the dogs, about your vacation plans in Finnish Lapland or a visit to Jari and «your» dog? I am very happy to share my experiences with you:


Lisbeth Meyer, Zollikerberg (ZH),
Mobile +41 (0) 79 421 74 72

Jari Leppänen,

handy +358 (0) 40 747 3469

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